Women Who Rock


Women Who Rock

celebrating every day local heroes

Top City Ladies

From our first Hispanic mayor to the dynamic mother / drummer/ church volunteer, from the ladies who started the Topeka Free Little Library to the ladies who started the Topeka + Shawnee County Public Library, Topeka’s history and culture are inherently better thanks to Women Who Rock.

to demand her home town be
more than good place to grow potatoes—
be good place to grow black girls too.

Annette Billings

seveneightfive is proud to share these women’s stories each spring in our annual Top City Ladies / Women Who Rock issue.  We celebrate women who are rockin’ Topeka day-in and day-out, whether it’s helping our neighbors, providing great food, art and entertainment or carrying out traditions and community culture – these women are building community legacies. We thank all the amazing women who make our community better and invite you to do the same, please take a moment to nominate a Woman Who Rocks.


– Kerrice Mapes  | co-founder / owner seveneightfive magazine

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2013 – 2019

(no WWR issue in 2018)

Sheyvette Dinkens – Women Empowerment

Martha Bartlett Piland

Kelly Vanderpool
Toni Vanderpool

Nikki Sloup

Jennifer Goetz

Poca Kim

Kelly Dempewolf

Shana Cake

Jennifer Pacha

Christine Lopez + Tammi Lopez

Sarah Burtch

Noami Kelley

Ashley Young

Michelle Leivan

Jennifer Falley  + Sylverina Norman: ENVY Salon

Annette Hope Billings

Siony Reyes

Christina Turner

Angie Kearney

Wyndi Senogles

Charlene Matheny

Tess + Maria Cuevas

Grace Brown

Zoe Schuman

Jam4Justice 9

Marlena Addison

Martha Herrick

Renelle Aytes

Ellie Smith

Eva Kathryn

Rachel Louise Taylor

Marjorye Heeney

Barbara Waterman-Peters

Lois VanLiew

Melanie Burdick

Chris Grandmontagne

Ginger Park

Kacy Simonsen

Cap City NOW

Kymm Hughes

Jamie Hornbaker

Ronnie Wooten

Jancy Pettit

Carrie Proffitt

Gale Nation

Tara Wallace

Christina Valdivia-Alcala

Dorothy Thomas School of Dance

Brenda Blackman

Washburn Athletics

The Women’s Fund

Ashley B. Wallace

Veronica Cruz

Marni Schleuning

Debra Mapes

Sarah Fizell

Lexi Rodriquez

Elena Sanchez

Courtney Turcotte Bond

Elected Leading Ladies:
Ethel Edwards
Clarina Nichols
Joan Finney
Kathleen Sebelius
Laura Kelly
Michelle De La Isla


Jennifer Bohlander

Nicole DeGennero

Ashley Dassinger Carson

Darcella Goodman

Lauren Myers

Taryn Temple

Angie Grau

Heather DiDomenico Graves

Staci Dawn Ogle

Anna Springer

Kimberly Mattox

Caitlyn Halsey

Library Leading Ladies
Noah McFarland
Ellan Tweeddale
Harrison Charlson

Chris Omni, MPH

Chocolate Sunshine  #CapeBreak
Phelica Glass
Angela Warren
Deborah Dawkins
Tami Farr-Smith
Tameka McCray
Michelle Wilson
JoVonka Marks
Laura Cluke
Dr. Janet Haynes
Lisa Davis
Antonette Coffee

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Women Who Rock Issue


International Women’s Day

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