Tiny Titans: Baby Dinosaur Egg Exhibit

If you live in Topeka you can feel the excitement surrounding the new Topeka Dino Day exhibits and activities throughout the Topeka area. From restaurants, the Zoo, Jayhawk Theatre, and Great Overland Station, the spirit of Dino Days is alive and well.

The TRex of it all is Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, who opened Tiny Titans: Baby Dinosaur Egg Exhibit, thanks to funding through Visit Topeka and Topeka Lodging Association. The exhibit runs though May 30, 2022 and originated from Colorado.

Tiny Titans: Baby Dinosaur Egg Exhibit features dinosaur eggs, reading stations, sensory stations, dinosaur picture exhibits, interactive play and dinosaur costumes for children to wear. “We hope the exhibit will bring education and fun for people of all ages,” said Josh Rouse, communications coordinator with Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, “and will increase careers in the fields of science and engineering in our community.”  

Why is there so much excitement surrounding dinosaurs? Josh believes “Dinosaurs spark children’s  imaginations. I remember when I was a child, I saw ‘Jurassic Park’ and watched ‘Land Before Time’ and I was like ‘wow that’s really cool’, dinosaurs are just awesome. It’s a great way for kids to be introduced to science.”

Dino Days base camp starts at the Downtown Topeka Visitors Center (715 S. Kansas Ave), you may also download the app to learn where all dinosaur activities are across Topeka. Admission to the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, where you can see the Tiny Titans exhibit, is $9 for adults and children and $8 for seniors. Members may visit the exhibit as many times as they want at no additional cost.

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