Thankful for The Row

We’re thankful for The Rowhouse, for all her love, humor, good food and community. Greg Fox created a beautiful collaboration, 14 years ago, between a saved Ross RowHouse, simple but elevated food and Topekans, reminding us that life is always about the adventure. A short letter from Greg sits on their website now:

“Thank you for the good memories and delicious moments you spent in our House,”

seveneightfive’s memories run deep with The Row, from culinary and poetry exploration events to garden parties, even an epic holiday party thrown at warehouse414. Thank you for always welcoming us in your home and for the joy you brought a community. Cheers to your next adventures.

I encourage everyone to purchase their copy of Greg’s books “OutThere: The Hamptons” and “OutThere: New York City.” Both are fun reads with delicious recipes that are elegant, simplistic and best of all, executable. “The Hamptons is a family-style cookbook and filled with summer recipes. New York City is filled with recipes for two and is a beautiful photo tribute to New York City.” Books are $52 each (postage is an additional $5). You may purchase them directly from Greg by emailing him at Or you can purchase them online via

Take a moment to thank everyone who was part of the magic of The RowHouse Restaurant; we are forever grateful and inspired.

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