Soulful Sundays: Faces by Mayfield

Faces by Mayfield offers Christian music and down home cooking every Sunday

Deep in the heart of NOTO, Topeka’s historic arts district, is a jewel of a restaurant, art gallery and musical escape called Faces by Mayfield. Located at 802 N. Kansas Ave. Faces is becoming known for its eclectic energy as it hosts a weekly Jazz performance during lunch on Fridays, comic relief on scheduled Saturday nights, live music and a monthly Poetry Slam.

George Mayfield, owner, and his family believe in the importance of traditional values and are excited to offer Soulful Sundays beginning February 4. Soulful Sunday is an all American Southern Style Gospel Music experience along with “down home cooking.” The idea behind this soulful experience is to provide the community a place to gather on Sundays for a traditional meal while enjoying the sounds of encouragement that comes with old-fashioned Hymns and modern Christian music. The music is provided by a local DJ, and there will be opportunities for individuals to perform independently with the establishments sound system.

George is the sole proprietor of the restaurant, the head cook, organizer of events and primary artist on display. Mayfield’s artistic talents started as a youth experimenting with pastels, then oils, and on to ceramics and plaster mediums to name a few. The ambiance of Faces is like no other in Topeka as it offers a deep cultural experience from a diverse array of sources.

Learn more and view upcoming events on their Facebook page (Faces by Mayfield) or call 380.1667.

[by Sara Wood | photos provided]

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