Be Safe Girl – Megan Snyder

Coming from a military family, self-preservation was always something that was around. Megan Snyder has now taken that background and is using it for the betterment and safety of others. What started out as catering self-defense keychains for women, has grown into a lucrative business carrying various items for both women and men. She started Be Safe, Girl in 2014 by just having a self-defense keychain of her own, and her girlfriends wanting some too. So, she would go and buy a few at a time and the business just grew from there. She saw an obvious need and want from the community, and while not everybody is comfortable with firearms, she found her niche with non-lethal forms of protection. From the coveted “cat face” keychain, (most of those you may see around town have more than likely come from Megan), to knife keychains, stun guns, security batons, conceal and carry purses and more.

Megan has several stores for you to come in and check out her merchandise, there here in Topeka, and one in Lawrence, her booth in Lawrence is located at The Antique Mall on Mass St. The 3 here are located at both Owl’s Nest locations, and the storefront is in Brookwood Shopping center at 2910 SW Oakley, the store’s name is American Patriotic Supply. If you have any questions at all, no matter how big or small, she will be happy to answer them. An informed citizen is a safe citizen. She’s a firm believer in always being aware of your surroundings and being prepared for anything. That said, she would much rather you ask the questions, and figure out what would best work for you. If you are wanting a less public setting to get familiar with these items, she offers some classes, and also private parties to demonstrate how each product works. So, get a group of friends together and give Megan a shout to schedule a home party. You can also catch her at, on Facebook at Be Safe Girl Topeka, and your local gun shows.

While her company name is Be Safe Girl, she caters to all individuals. To add, she did start out by selling mostly pink, teal, and purple items, and those are still available, but her favorite color has always been black, so more tactical items are now in the inventory. In addition to pepper spray, knives, and conceal carry purses, you can also find steel plates for tactical vests, pepper items, and even (as sad of a reality this is) bullet-proof backpacks. But again, she and her company are all about prevention of bad things that can happen. She was brought up in a home that was honest about what can happen in this world, whether you expect them or not, she just really wants you all as safe as you can possibly be. It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
And remember, always be prepared.

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