Oh, the glorious potato. Giving us so many glorious dishes such as French fried, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, the list goes on. One that doesn’t get enough credit is the glorious dumpling known as Gnocchi.

Those little nuggets of soft pillowy goodness are more reasons why potatoes are a sincere MVP of the food world. Whether they are fresh made or even left-over baked potatoes, gnocchi can be made in a flash. The trick is to work with it like biscuit batter: You don’t want to knead it, just fold it gently with as little flour as possible.

Here, I made mine with some leftover baked potatoes including some ricotta and thyme, blanching them and crisping them so I get a crispy exterior with a soft interior, layer sautéing them with some glorious pan-seared carrots and baby kale, glazing it with my vegetarian/vegan demi-glacé, which turned them up to Stranger Thing’s Eleven.

Notice mine are not perfectly shaped, but that’s okay, I live by the Wabi-Sabi philosophy of finding beauty in life’s imperfections. Knowing that something was even just created like this just makes me happy.

Just like potatoes turned into gnocchi.

@dudewiththefood a.k.a. Steven Stanek