The Concepcion brothers are the concept creators behind some of Topeka’s best menus.

Norseman Brewing Co. New brewery menu is unlike anything we’ve seen; plus they’ve added signature cocktails to offerings.

Of course it’s about the food, but it’s more than that. It’s always, always about the people. If the focus is only on the food the entire point is missed,” said Pedro Concepcion.

If you’ve eaten at a local restaurant in the past few years, chances are you’ve eaten from a menu created by brothers Javier and Pedro Concepcion. Brew Bank’s creative boards are just one of their signature cuisine stamps. The brothers embarked on two big projects as of late this year: Ghost Peppers and Norsemen Brewing Co.  

Ghost Peppers is a delivery only menu featuring Fresh Fajitas Fast. You choose your protein, side, sauce and type of tortilla and their own delivery service will bring it to you, still sizzling. Ghost Peppers also offers several soups including Pork Green Chili and Chicken Tortilla. It’s a wonderful concept and fantastic option especially during the pandemic.


 Sliced Goat Cream Cheese Cake with Lingonbeery Jam – “one of the very best things I’ve eaten.”
Tortilla Chicken soup or Green Chile – additional offerings at Ghost Peppers

Both eateries are open daily so there’s no reason to wonder, “what’s for dinner.”

Norseman Brewing Co. always planned to add a kitchen, but took advantage of the time during the shutdown to build from the bottom up.

Using locally-source micro-greens and fresh healthier options- enter the handmade beet chips- Pedro and Javier developed offerings akin to a bistro. If the bistro were in Scandinavia.  Dessert first- Sliced Goat Cream Cheese Cake with Lingonberry jam-  one of the very best things I’ve eaten. Light, creamy, not too sweet or heavy with just enough tart from the goat cheese and lingonberries. Blackened Sea Salad-Mixed greens, Couscous Quinoa blend with avocado and citrus vinaigrette. Yes, they’re serving a Couscous Quinoa blend in a brewing company and I dig it.

Side note, for $5 you can join a yoga class on Saturday mornings. Find amazing ingredients- prosciutto, smoked salmon, honey bourbon cream cheese and more beets. Please try a ‘Trencher Sandwich’ -think-bread as the plate. We know they make great craft beer, but have also developed a cocktail menu worthy of multiple visits.

A must try- Skadi’s Frokost- made with coffee, Flor de Cana, Spresso Coffee Liqueur, Meade honey, vanilla, almond milk, half & half and chocolate bitters. Flavorful and fabulous.

Sizzling service, door-side. Ghost Peppers delivers unique flavors to select neighborhoods in Topeka.

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