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Kansas Is Lit

State Bird of Kansas

by George Paris Meadowlark intent on being   heard in spite of wind,   rises from modest nest   singing the prairie dry.   Unaware of election  

When Creation Falls

This collection of poems brings to the fore, what we have been ignoring for far too long; a looming spiritual and physical demise. Wasserstein reaches out across vast

Traveling in a State of Poetry

“I have what some might call a jazzy style, a style influenced by jazz music–its cadences, its democratic freedom, and, at times, its sense of urgency.” – Kevin Rabas

1000 Words

Ben is thirty-four and a tattoo artist known for his lettering. People are always surprised when they first meet him. They scan his blank skin – his clear

The Lot's Fall

Beyond the winter swimming pool where the tarp caves in, its blue palm full of snow, is the matted grass and weed lot I am given each day

Summer Warbler: Showano, Wisconsin

Dusk. After love we walk a teetering balance of summer twilight. A tiny dull-lemon warbler silhouetted atop a pole wheezes a melody— tiny fluff against sky blowing wind

Huascar Medina

Literary Editor

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