Sex Crossstitch

The Inappropriate Cross Stitcher

Traditional handicrafts, thought to be created by females, take a non-filtered, urban and edgy tone. It’s your grandmother’s doily, describing exactly how your mother was conceived.

Jayhawk Theatre Restoration

ADDING TO TOPEKA’S Cultural Renaissance

‘…why not raise $2 or $3 million and get as much done with that and then hold more events?’ That’s a fair question, but…”

A Capital Campaign is Underway for the RESTORATION of the JAYHAWK THEATRE.

Abigails Open-Faced


Who says comfort food is only for winter? Break the rules and get to Abigail’s to try their open-faced turkey or roast beef, served on white bread with … ––>

Elizabeth Daniels 1

Elizabeth Daniel – Décor

Stylized staging transformed what could have been a haphazard thrift marketplace to
Elizabeth Daniel – Décor, an alarm-setting Friday afternoon shopping experience.

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