AUTHOR: Julie Sellers

This collection of beautiful, whimsical poems and photographs invites readers into the world of a young woman known across the world, Anne of Green Gables, of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The author reflects in her poems the magic of the Anne stories published by L.M. Montgomery in eight books and how the stories and the place reshaped her own sense of possibility. The poems are magical, lyrical and enticing. Readers will long to walk the woods and beach, and to look out from Anne’s bedroom upon the world of Green Gables where a young orphan found home and identity. The connection between Anne’s world of over one hundred years ago and Julie A. Sellers’s today are beautifully portrayed, and she invites readers to explore their own connections to Anne’s world and other literary worlds that inspired them and changed their lives. This book is evidence of why we read and an invitation to immerse yourself in Anne’s world and your own world of imagination.

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