Featured Artist: JQ Guest

JQuory “JQ” Guest is a “bigger than music” type of artist. For over a decade he has used hip hop music and spoken word poetry to inspire youth, to speak for the outcasts and the oppressed as well as motivate and inspire people of all walks of life.

Dubbed by some as the “Martin Luther King of rap” JQ is known for positive lyrics that celebrate and champion people, ALL PEOPLE – he for the good and raps about that. When he has a microphone in his hand, he focuses his voice to inspire and to uplift.

JQ didn’t have a “normal” childhood, between his parents and being bullied in and out of school. For him, music changed his life growing up. He found peace in music. Music always made him feel a little free.

He began recording by the age of 7 and by the time he was 21 years old he was performing in musical showcases and was the founder of “Dare to be Different” and the “Dream BIG Program”.
JQ has been crowned as the best hip hop artist in the region by Hot 103 Jamz radio station, has been a finalist in three national slam poetry competitions and has dedicated his life to using his artist talents and gifts to bring change to our community.

He is a part of Poetry for Personal Power, was a featured artist on the seveneightfive + ArtsConnect virtual House Concert series. He is a para at Shawnee Heights Elementary School and a proud father of two.

This young hip hop artist brings honest, inspiring and positive music to a fan base of all ages. With his technical yet conscious lyrics, new wave flow and bass hitting beats, JQ has a brand that will make you want to get on your feet and dance. It’s a sound that will also make your heart move.

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