The Golden Mile.

The authentic, delicious Golden Mile. When you travel, the Golden Mile is the type of place locals tell you to visit for authentic cuisine, and you do. Then you go home and brag. I hope seveneightfive readers locally act like tourists and visit this area, frequently, and brag. Where is the Golden Mile, you ask? It’s the 1.3 mile stretch on East 6th Street between SE Branner Tfwy and SE Carnahan Ave. What sits on the Golden Mile is a plethora of diverse, cultural goodness to the likes of Prize Package, Nanny’s Soul Food, Casserolle and Tacos El Sol.

Tacos El Sol is an authentic, casual, family Mexican restaurant that detours were made for. Get the queso (original yellow), the carne asada and salsa verde. Get elote en vaso, , tripe, or some Mexican candy. Get whatever, it’s all so fantastic.


TACO EL SOL  //  2124 SE 6th // photo by Jennifer Goetz