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UPDATE: Application deadline is extended to January 19 – learn more and apply here

How will you make art work for you? How will you earn a living wage doing what you love? These are two complex questions that plaque many artists today. The bohemian concept of the starving artist may seem noble–creating art for art’s sake–but I refute the notion that the more impoverished and unpopular a creative person, the better the work.

You do not have to be poor to be creative. The Muse may visit whomever she likes. -Jeff Goines

ArtsConnect presents Artist INC Topeka, a professional development opportunity for 25 individual artists working in varied disciplines. The program provides cutting-edge training seminars that address the specific daily business needs and challenges artists of all disciplines face.

Artist INC originated in Kansas City and has expanded over the past 10 years. Nearly 1,500 artists have completed the program, creating an ever-expanding network of artists building careers and strong community across the region. Topeka is one of eleven 2021 host communities which also include Austin, Omaha, Des Moines and more.

Selected artists, called Artist INC Fellows, will engage in an eight-week training seminar led by a team of six trained peer facilitators. Artist INC Fellows are selected through a competitive panel process that looks at quality of work, readiness for the program, and diversity of the seminar cohort to ensure diversity and inclusion in all its definitions including demographics (gender, age, and ethnicity) and artistic discipline (including visual, performing, literary, and film). Topeka facilitation team will be Huasar Medina, Betsy Knabe Roe, Marty Hillard, Michael Toombs and Kelly Yarbrough. Read their bios

Hosted and coordinated by ArtsConnect, artists learn and grow together through artist facilitator mentoring, small group application activities, large group discussions and multi-media lectures. Artist INC Fellows learn business skills relevant to their art practice and apply those skills cooperatively with the peers. All sessions will be held virtually via Zoom.

Interested artists are strongly encouraged to make plans to attend the “What Works Workshop” on January 4 at 2p. Phil Shafer, aka SIKE STYLE will present the 90-minute virtual workshop and provide an overview of strategies for creatives to grow their art business and sustain an art practice – plus a glimpse at the curriculum that will be presented in the spring during the full Artist INC Topeka program. Additional insight on the application process and expectations will also be provided.


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