Adventure Cove Returns

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand reopening of the Lake Shawnee Adventure Cove took place May 26, 2021. The reopening unveiled the new floating playground, the resumption of swimming at the Adventure Cove and multiple improvements to the cove area. The Adventure Cove opens May 29.

“Shawnee Adventure Cove, we’re introducing a unique new form of entertainment that we’ve never had before in Shawnee County” said SCP+R Director Tim Laurent.

The Adventure Cove opened in 2017 with themed paddle boats, the resumption of canoe and kayak rentals at the lake and the introduction of paddle board rentals. Swimming will once again be available as a new pump has been installed to circulate water in the cove and improve water quality. 

Hours for the Adventure Cove are 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday through Monday.

Admission for the floating playground is $8 per person per hour and includes swimming admission for the day. Admission for swimming only is $2. Playground sessions will begin each hour on the hour. A brief orientation is required, so patrons are asked to arrive one-half hour before they wish to use the playground. Life jackets are required and will be provided. Paddle boat rentals will remain at $8 per person per hour. Individuals must be 16 years old to operate a boat without an adult on board. Those 16 and younger must wear a life jacket, which is provided. Adults must have a life jacket on board at all times.