Forge Young Professionals recently partnered with Topeka Yoga Network and Norsemen Brewing Co. to help their members find their Zen with a glass of beer in their hand.
The event was hosted by Forge’s (appropriately named) Play herd. (Forge’s symbol is a bison, so their committees are called herds.) Ashley Rohleder, chair of Forge’s Play herd, noted the event just fell into place. Local businesses reach out regularly to their herd for partnerships, and when Norsemen offered the opportunity for beer and yoga, they couldn’t say no.
Topeka Yoga Network co-owner Mary Boland led the hour-long class which walked members through various yoga poses, many of which allowed you to incorporate your pint. The class was a taste of what you can experience on a Saturday morning at Norsemen. The public is invited to attend Beer Yoga on any Saturday morning at 11:30a in Norsemen’s upstairs event space, known as the “Halls of Valhalla.” The classes are open to all skill levels.
Beer Yoga is the latest in a series of monthly events hosted by Forge’s Play herd. Ashley’s cousin Megan, who co-chairs the herd, said that the purpose of the herd is to “give young talent a place to unwind, meet people, and experience what Topeka has to offer.” Play herd events serve “as the ‘living room’ of Forge,” according to Megan. “Play is often the place we welcome people in to Forge, get to know them a bit, and introduce them to new people and experiences. “It’s something I’m proud to be a part of!”
It’s been a busy year for Forge, and the Play herd specifically- with everything from a Donut Day Soiree to a Mardi Gras party to monthly Pub Club socials. Each of Forge’s events drives at one goal- showing the under 40 crowd that TopCity is the place for young talent to live, work, play, connect, and lead.

Both Ashley and Megan hope that Forge’s Play herd allows young people a chance to connect and find their place. “Engagement in the community is so important but sometimes I think it can be hard to find your place as a member of our demographic,” Megan said. “I hope [Forge] members realize that they are Topeka, too!”

As is customary, all Forge events include food, drink, prizes, and a good time for all. Individuals under 40 can find information on these and the rest of Forge’s events and herds by visiting the Forge Facebook page at or by going to and signing up for a free membership.