Join us for an engaging and inspiring virtual event and enjoy the incredible talent present in Artist INC Topeka. 

24 dynamic visual, literary and performing artists will share their artistic point of view in 5-minute workshare presentations.


  • Carmen Anello (music/theatre performing artist)
  • Benjamin Arnfield (visual artist)
  • Byron Ashley (visual artist)
  • Audrey Bosley (literary & visual artist)
  • Anthony Braun (visual artist)
  • Kim D. Brook (ceramic artist)
  • Robert Tapley Bustamante (muralist & visual artist)
  • Katie Heffren (visual artist)
  • Rodney L Hoover (painting/photography)
  • Erika Kjorlie Geery (visual artist)
  • Lisa LaRue-Baker (2-D & 3-D visual artist)
  • Angela Lexow (2-D & 3-D visual artist)
  • Liza MacKinnon (2-D & 3-D visual artist)
  • Xavier Martinez (muralist & visual artist)
  • Kyra Miller (ceramic & 2-D artist)
  • Devin M. Morrison (multimedia artist)
  • Paul Rudy (musician/performing artist)
  • Dan√© Shobe (theatre/performing artist)
  • Nathan Short (theatre/performing artist)
  • Ptr Sponseller (3-D sculpture artist)
  • Susan K. Theroff (visual artist)
  • Jeremy Wangler (photographer)
  • Rebecca Waugh (visual artist)
  • Ryan Wills (musician/performing artist)

About Artist INC

Artist INC is a professional development training program empowering artists to take control of their careers and make art work.

The program, from Mid-America Arts Alliance, was founded in 2009 and has reached thousands of individual artists of all disciplines throughout the Mid-America Arts Alliance region.